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I remember I had the title for my blog….it fascinated a wonderful teacher of mine….BETWEEN ME AND THEE.  It’s and old saying meaning ‘between us’ but I like the idea of using ‘thee as’ I’m aware of God’s inspiration in my life at all times.

Everything can be beautiful, did you know that?  Not in an idealized way but in a very practical way.  On your crummiest day, or in your crummiest room (egads company is coming), bad hair, bad skin, dang it I’m starting my cycle day…all of those things can be made beautifully acceptable to you and those whose opinions matter to you.

Here is our ‘bad day’ scenario:  I’m going to assume you are tackling these issues with low energy and not much enthusiasm.  We’ll count you lucky you rolled out of bed today.

OK FIRST: crummy day, bad hair, bad skin,  bloated:  First off remember no one sees you as critically as you do….or at least not usually.  (Always keep in mind to be friends with people who love you and want to build you up…just sayin….)  No time for a shower….quickly use ‘clean wipes’ and hit the hot spots to freshen your bod.  After you grab quick facial wipes for a quick skin cleanse, slather on some cream or sunblock.  First concealer, then some powdered makeup dusted on with a brush.  Pop onto your cheeks whatever is left on your blush brush. Also brush that leftover color all over your whole eyelid from brow to lash. There’s a powdered eye/blush color from Bobbi Brown called Rose Gold.   Open up your upper lid and scrub some dark pencil liner into your lashes…on the underside.  Quick coast of mascara.  A neutral pinky tan lipstick, neutral liner maybe a touch of gloss.  Your first and most important task is done….your face is your calling card….not an apology.  It looks clear, clean, bright.  You are not made up for the red carpet instead it is a natural look with a boost to our ‘bad day’ self.  Another time will discuss glamour on your high energy days.

Bad Hair….always have 2 cute hats.  One straw that fits just right and you can take longer hair wound tight from a pony into a tiny bun at the nape or just slicked back short hair.  The other hat is a canvas full brimmed slouchy that can be bent at any angle.  Small hoops or a teeny beaded dangle and you look great neck up.  If hats aren’t an option for where you are headed can you make spray on dry shampoo work on the front of your hair, while pulling the back into a phony or bun?  Try a wide headband  or folded/rolled scarf tied under the pony for a quick finish.

Bloated….your go to jeans with a blousy soft over blouse.  Or blousy cropped palazzo pants with a top that fits a bit around the shoulders but then blouses and blows around you as you  walk comfortably about in your cute flat sandles.  Practice a couple of go to outfits for your most casual but gotta show up days. I think yoga pants are more flattering than almost any bottoms you can wear for casual wear.  I’m talking about “throwing on clothes”….I’m sure your fabulous dark jeans are amazing.

See how pretty you look….and now you don’t feel so crummy.  This took ten to twelve minutes.  If it didn’t re read my instructions.

I have this theory about one’s face.  Clean, easy but precise makeup in good subtle colors.  It just helps you look the world in the eye.  So even if you are in warmies or gym shorts, that face, tiny earrings, and managed hair is your calling card.  A spritz of cologne and you don’t care whom you run into at Starbucks at 7:30 a.m.

NEXT SUBJECT:  A beautiful room on the fly and on the cheap.  Yikes….company is coming for the wkend…your lovely friend who entertained you six months ago when you needed a place out of town to crash.  Due to tight budgets I am finding so many young adults still living “post college”.  In other words no money or desire to commit to real furniture as I call it.  On a tired, used leftover sofa, throw a large clean white sheet.  Tuck it in where the seat meets the back and maybe on the sides as well.  Let it fall to the floor.  Find 3 throw pillows and possibly a throw, as in small blanket.  Places like Big Lots will have decortator pillows for less than half of Home Goods and TJ Maxx.  Pop them onto the sofa.  You have now either made a color palette choice by your purchase of those items OR you have coordinated them with whatever stuff you have around your place.A couple of fresh plants….stacked books.  Dust your lamps off so when lit they look cozy not dirty.  Hang whatever favorite poster or purchase one framed from a discount place or hang a mirror with a couple of  smaller picutres next to it.  These will warm up your walls and make you look ‘at home’.  I have seen large sized rugs for twenty bucks at Ikea.  Matching bedding in a bag if you don’t feel more creative than that, will at least pull your sleeping area together.    Freshly washed towells without old eye make up stains on them, a clean home and a quick walk thru with unscented Febreez will be a great perk up to your modest home sweet home.  A casserole, a salad, a baguette and 2 bottles of wine make a great meal…the wine amount works as cocktail and after dinner conversation.  Left over baguette, coffee, some yogurt and a basket of berries is bfast.

My best advice is a simple organized effort mixed with your personal style, plus cleanliness equals a fresh, lovely welcoming abode.  Everything can be beautiful and we just did it…quickly and inexpensively.  A person makes a statement about themselves whether they are consciously aware of that or not.  So find the easiest most economical way, economy whether it is time, money or effort, and present yourself to the world…even on your worst day.  Having quick fixes in your back pocket may just reduce those ‘bad days’ and simply turn them into creative days.

I love giving practical advice…what I call achievable goals, about beautifying one’s life.  Let me know if any of these ideas work for you. Blessings to Thee from Me


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